woohoo! pF moves!

video courtesy of Charles (http://www.etotheipiplusone.net/): http://techtv/videos/11586-pico-amy-electro-farthing

Yesterday I made a push to get this working enough to ride. The motor is mounted to a plate, that is then hose clamped to the frame. There is a nice curved spacer between the plate and the frame for a better clamp. This is not a permanent mounting method (in fact the belt will loosen as the plate shifts after a bit of riding), but its good enough for having some fun. Eventually, I would probably weld some kind of mounting bracket directly to the frame.

motor mounted with hose clamps.

Oh yea, also I didn’t bother to finish my motor controller circuit, which was going to be a basic PWM. So here’s a quick and dirty – but reliable – finger PWM circuit.

a push button.

woohoo! finally it moves!

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