pF: cleaning up the motor can

Now that I had my magnets epoxied in (see last post) I could assemble the whole motor can. Now, I know the next few steps aren’t completely necessary, but the waterjet finish isn’t the most aesthetic. Good thing I can just use the same fixture as before the clean up the outside.

can assembly mounted to turning fixture

It was interesting the turn the can with the transition from aluminum to steel. I had to slow the RPM dramatically. Still pretty smoky, though.

lots of smoke

turned and sanded with fine grit

The stock hub comes with one side tapped. Instead I drilled both out for 1/4″-20 and threaded the bolts through to the side plate of the motor can. Spacers are needed to fill the space between the hub and the motor plate. I also cut down some of the stock bearing seat on the hub so that the whole assembly would be less wide.

wheel and motor can before assembly

I’ll probably use some wax to keep the steel part from rusting.


Time to wind the stator.

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