Day 1: Chassis

Today I started on the chassis. I’m going with aluminum, and trying my hand at welding it together. I’ve been practicing aluminum TIG for a few days now, but still just getting the hang of it. I could really use tips, especially on making fillet welds.

Here’s a rough CAD model, mostly used to figure out what the box tube frame should look like. The grey sketch lines are where my legs should go, so I probably won’t be using the steering wheel shown in the CAD.

preliminary CAD model

machining the two main struts together to keep everything aligned

cutting channels to fit the cross struts

frame components ready to weld. It was cool that it only took two clamps to hold everything.

close up of the rear cross strut joint

top and bottom are welded. Held vertical to weld a reinforcement block in the "arms"

close up of the support block in the "arm". The end of this will soon have a C-bracket that will hold the pivot for steering the front wheels.

top view of progress for today

dramatic front view

more to come tomorrow.

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