A Woodcart

Now that I have moved away from MIT and am no longer spoiled sick by the awesome machine shops on campus, I am forced to resort to …other methods of construction. Fortunately, I still have one of those benchtop drill presses, though, and a power hand drill, so here’s a project that just uses those.

Turns out my neighbors Zack and Kira love go-karts, too. So I am going to build one with them. I’ll design most of it, since they are new to this stuff and I will do my best to make all the CAD and parts list available to the internet. The plan is to keep everything under $250 (although a battery upgrade may push the price up) and to build a platform that allows for easy upgrades later on. I hope this will be an opportunity to make something cool, despite limited tools. If you have ideas, please share, I would love to hear them!

More details to come, but for now, here’s what the CAD looks like.


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