• wpid-Photo-Jul-29-2013-1102-PM.jpg

    homemade bike frame bags

    6 standard
  • hung from the rafter of my garage, ready for assembly

    bamboo bike Part 5: final sanding/finishing and assembly

    10 standard
  • brake bridge after a significant amount of filing and dremeling

    bamboo bike Part 4: brake bridge and water bottle holder

    9 standard
  • you go through a lot of tape, so get the cheap stuff

    bamboo bike Part 3: lugs

    4 standard
  • with chainstays

    bamboo bike Part 2: fitting the tubes

    0 standard
  • completed jig with all the lugs except the one that clamps the seat post

    bamboo bike Part 1: Frame-building Jig

    20 standard
  • The Last Bike…for a while at least

    8 standard
  • Small Bike (part II)

    1 standard
  • Small Bike (part I)

    3 standard