• I used ripstop to add some tubes around the head opening so that I can since it down around my face

    sleeping bag and compression sack

    1 standard
  • I cut up a white and turquoise T-shirt

    small paring knife

    10 standard
  • Take Flight for Kids

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  • whoa! it looks like a go kart

    woodkart – it works!!

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  • finished! front view

    roll top backpack

    5 standard
  • wpid-Photo-Jul-29-2013-1102-PM.jpg

    homemade bike frame bags

    6 standard
  • a shiny!

    homemade knife: small fixed blade

    18 standard
  • fingers crossed for gradual, not sudden, failure

    Fatigue: a study of flexures in a scooter

    2 standard
  • the fruits of our afternoon labors

    wooden climbing holds and hang board

    5 standard
  • hung from the rafter of my garage, ready for assembly

    bamboo bike Part 5: final sanding/finishing and assembly

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