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  • SAM: now with lights!

    Everyone knows that go-karts go faster when they have cool lights. My controller and batteries all sit on a 1/8″ sheet of polycarb which is transparent, so right under the controller was a good place to put the lights. I got two strips of RGB LEDs. This was my first time playing with them and […]

  • My 5-day go-kart has a name

    I will call it SAM, for small automobile. Today a Cambridge police officer took it for a spin! Lot’s of fun.

  • Correction to Make Blog post

    woohoo, I made it to Makezine! Thanks to everyone who came to check out my site! But their caption was only partially true because it confuses 2 of my projects. So just to clarify: I built the go-kart in 5 days, but it uses an off-the-shelf Turnigy motor. However, a few weeks ago I finished […]

  • Day 5: throttle, batteries, sensors

    Proof that everything works: I started yesterday trying to make a throttle. I could have used one of those handlebar hall effect throttles, like what’s on picoFahrrad, but the steering wheel on this one would make mounting such a throttle messy. Also, its just nice to make things yourself. I dug through some bins of […]

  • Day 5: done.

    I actually made my 5 day deadline mostly. First test drive about 3 hours ago. Then I cleaned MITERS (if you have seen MITERS, you know the magnitude of this statement). Just drove it back home from MITERS. details and video to come.

  • Day 4: Motor and seat mounts

    Today started so terribly.  It was 4:30pm already and all I had was a CAD of a motor bracket. And a partly scrapped attempt at a pair of brackets. I took a break for 20 minutes, followed by a few minutes of sulking. Then, 4:55pm, waterjet. 15 minutes after it was done cutting: This was […]

  • Day 3: now the steering is actually done…

    Sorry for the lapse yesterday. Today I am a little behind. Looks like I will have to make a motor mount and seat mount by the end of tomorrow. Yesterday I did most of a steering system, and today I spent a good bit of time fixing it, and then actually finishing it. The steering […]

  • Day 2: Steering

    I swear there was progress today. But I am too tired to post now. Updates tomorrow.

  • Day 1: Chassis

    Today I started on the chassis. I’m going with aluminum, and trying my hand at welding it together. I’ve been practicing aluminum TIG for a few days now, but still just getting the hang of it. I could really use tips, especially on making fillet welds. Here’s a rough CAD model, mostly used to figure […]

  • Day 0: birth of [insert name here]

    yea, if you come up with a name, you should tell me. Anyhow, the 5 day build marathon begins now.