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  1. Marshall Righter Avatar
    Marshall Righter

    Hi Amy just wanted to thank you for providing plans for the Honda Element Bed. I made only one change to it, making it 27”wide. This is the width of a Kelty self inflating sleeping pad I already had. I also just ordered a natural wood sealer made from hemp seed oil. I’m going to test it and see if it’s suitable.

    Again thank you, throughout the project as it was going so smoothly I thought about your kindness and generosity of your time for sharing your time that it took to compile such good information and plans.

    As I use this as a launching pad for future bike packing and backpacking trips you will most certainly be in my appreciative thoughts and vibes

    Respect and Blessings

    1. aqian Avatar

      thank you for such a nice note, safe travels to you!

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