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  • cruiser skateboard

    cruiser skateboard

    In the past few months, I have been trying to learn how to skateboard by borrowing a friend’s skateboard. Recently he gave me a beautiful set of trucks, so I thought I better make a skateboard then. My roommate had previously ordered a bunch of veneer for a project she never got around to, so […]

  • Fatigue: a study of flexures in a scooter

    Fatigue: a study of flexures in a scooter

    Introducing, Fatigue, my preemptively-named flexure-based scooter. You can see how a flexure is perfect for the rear brake, which has quite limited travel. Luckily, it also doesn’t see to many extreme forces. It is made from polycarbonate, about 0.1″ thick. The pivot for the front fork however, needs to achieve relatively high deflection (to improve […]

  • Treescooter (Part 2/2)

    I meant to update part 2 forever ago…but here it is now! Last time I finished rambling about the deck and the fork. After that I started working on the folding and locking mechanism: First I wanted to give the base of the handlebars more material so that I could make a fairly beefy pivot […]

  • Treescooter! (part 1/2)

    I made this scooter in response to Charles’ creation way back when. I started mine soon after he released his to the internet actually, and yea…so its taken a while…but here it is in all its 2-part-blog-entry-photo-filled glory! I live in a place where people leave their tree clippings in a pile by the curb […]

  • Unicycle

    This is a project I worked on last semester and finished sometime around April 2010. I can’t actually ride a unicycle yet, but at least now I have one to practice with. I machined the fork structure, hub, and cranks. The two round plates holding the spokes were cut from sheet metal and are screwed […]