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  • Honda Element Camper

    Honda Element Camper

    I have been slowly working on this micro-camper build for years now, so this blog post is long overdue. This is actually my third iteration and by far the one I am happiest with. My goal was to have a setup that converted easily and quickly between bed mode and couch mode. I find couch […]

  • Home Energy Mods

    Home Energy Mods

    Over the past year, I’ve undertaken two big modifications to my house to help decrease our usage of natural gas, by increasing our usage of renewable electricity. The first was to install a ductless mini-split heat pump heater and air conditioner unit. The second was to install solar on the roof. Let’s start with the […]

  • top bar beehive

    top bar beehive

    Almost two years ago, a friend of mine wanted help building a top bar bee hive with these instructions, so I thought I would build one with her. Who knew it would take two full years to get it set up in a garden… Here are some photos of how my build came along, […]

  • salt shaker

    salt shaker

    For some reason it is fun to make salt shakers. Here is one I started three and a half years ago and finished over the weekend. It consists of a section of Delrin tube sandwiched between two sheets of 1/4″ polycarb. There is a little retaining groove in the PC, but maybe if I did […]

  • Take Flight for Kids

    Today Tom and I brought some of our unique vehicles to the annual Take Flight for Kids festival held at the Reid Hillview Airport.  Also exhibiting with us were tons of custom hotrod builders, model airplane enthusiasts, several FIRST Robotics team (including my high school team 604!), and many others. They were even offering free airplane rides for […]

  • Sawing Plywood

    lol, animated gifs. I am currently fixing up my room. Below I am sawing boards for closet shelving.

  • Taking apart the controls of a scanning electron microscope

    Recently my friend Ilan happened upon the control consul for an old scanning electron microscope on reuse. At MIT it is common for people and labs to post stuff to, which means that it is free to whoever wants to take it. The idea is more free stuff and less trash. I don’t know […]

  • random thank you gift

    I applied for grad schools last semester and cool people wrote letters of recommendation for me. This is the thank you gift i decided to make for these cool people. I started with a flat strip of brass. If you have a particular size in mind, you can make a quick mock-up with paper. Then […]

  • Lamb Roasting

    Today I made a shovel. Charles Guan and I then hacked together a lamb spit. Motor is 1 RPM synchronous, 115 V AC. Torque is a bit limited, so we will see how it works. This is for roasting a 28 lb lamb for 6 hours tomorrow.