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  • pF: adding sensors

    I skipped talking about the sensor part. Here it is: (Lots of thanks to Shane for explaining this to me and creating the diagrams below.) Hall effect sensors are glued in between the stator teeth and they detect the pole orientation of the rotor magnets as the rotor spins. The magnets alternate N-S-N-S etc, so […]

  • pF: it totally works now

  • pF: hub motor complete, mostly

    Lots of stuff happened between that and the last post, here’s what: Last time we finished machining the rotor mostly, so now onto the stator. I confess that it crossed my mind to put the stator adapter in a mill, indicate its center, and CNC the screw hole pattern. But who am I kidding, clamping […]

  • pF: cleaning up the motor can

    Now that I had my magnets epoxied in (see last post) I could assemble the whole motor can. Now, I know the next few steps aren’t completely necessary, but the waterjet finish isn’t the most aesthetic. Good thing I can just use the same fixture as before the clean up the outside. It was interesting […]

  • pF: hub motor epoxying magnets, machining can

    To machine the parts of the motor can I first made a lathe jig. This will help fixture individual parts and eventually help  with the machining of the assembled can. I started with a round plate and a 1″ DIA boss to grip in a lathe collet. I machined a square pattern into both to […]

  • pF hub motor assembly with pneumatic wheel

    For picoFahrrad I really wanted to keep using a pneumatic wheel like this one: It is a larger wheel than what you might normally want to put a hub motor in because the gear reduction on the motor would be so large. So I went with a larger 93mm stator (103mm is also available for […]

  • Hub Motor Calculator

    I am working on a hub motor for picoFarrhad. I have purchased a stator off ebay (search for “atv stator” or “quad stator” to find something a little larger than what is usually found in old printer motors) and am now in the process of deciding things like number of windings and magnet sizes. Since […]

  • woohoo! pF moves!

    video courtesy of Charles ( http://techtv/videos/11586-pico-amy-electro-farthing Yesterday I made a push to get this working enough to ride. The motor is mounted to a plate, that is then hose clamped to the frame. There is a nice curved spacer between the plate and the frame for a better clamp. This is not a permanent mounting […]

  • pF battery pack

    6 cells in series, 2 in parallel 19.8V,  2.2 Ah nominal yea…so there’s definitely a sacrifice of performance for aesthetics here, but the entire pack fits into the central tube! Makes me wish I used a larger diameter tube…  

  • pF: seatpost, foot pegs

    about time for an update… I was lucky enough to come across an old Brooks saddle, but it was in need of some love. The seat was extremely dry and stiff, to the point that there was pretty much no flex at all in the leather. After some online reading about leather restoration, I chose […]