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  • wooden climbing holds and hang board

    wooden climbing holds and hang board

    Climbing is fun, so is making climbing holds. Its also a good way to make good use of scrap wood. Here’s one with a finger pocket. Because of its shape, there’s no material for the forstner bit to center on, so I cut a sacrificial piece to help the bit center until it cut deep […]

  • Treescooter (Part 2/2)

    I meant to update part 2 forever ago…but here it is now! Last time I finished rambling about the deck and the fork. After that I started working on the folding and locking mechanism: First I wanted to give the base of the handlebars more material so that I could make a fairly beefy pivot […]

  • Treescooter! (part 1/2)

    I made this scooter in response to Charles’ creation way back when. I started mine soon after he released his to the internet actually, and yea…so its taken a while…but here it is in all its 2-part-blog-entry-photo-filled glory! I live in a place where people leave their tree clippings in a pile by the curb […]

  • Dowel Maker

    Today I needed some dowels (for a project I will hopefully post about soon), but didn’t feel like going to the store, so I thought I would try making a dowel maker.There are some awesome plans for dowel makers that use routers and produce fantastic results, so this is for any folks who may not […]

  • quick and dirty rustic furniture: stool

    My mom wanted a stool for gardening, and here it is! Of course, I could have thrown together a squarish one, but where’s the fun in that? This took less than 3 hours anyway, and I cleaned part of my garage while I was at it. I happen to have a bunch of sticks and […]

  • Furniture Design final project

    This term I took a class on furniture design (4.296). Basically, the goal was to learn some woodworking, then design and build a piece of furniture. I chose to make a chair. This project is also a classical example of something I forget to document until the very end, sorry :/ It started with a […]