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  • small paring knife

    small paring knife

    Recently, my friend Nick gave me a knife blade that he forged. Here’s what he said about that process: “the knife is rather experimental.  the steel is from a Timken bearing race.  one side is ground hollow.  quenched from an orange heat in motor oil.  tempered over a hot block to a straw color.” Seems […]

  • bamboo bike Part 3: lugs

    bamboo bike Part 3: lugs

    With all the tubes tacked in place on the jig, I could start wrapping the lugs. This is a crazy messy business, so I wrapped everything besides the lugs in tape and plastic to minimize the epoxy clean up later. Here’s the frame with the first layer of epoxy on it: Definitely not ready to […]

  • bamboo bike Part 2: fitting the tubes

    bamboo bike Part 2: fitting the tubes

    After building the jig that holds the lugs in place, it was time to fit the bamboo poles together. I found that Orchard Supply Hardware was the easiest place to get bamboo (neither Home Depot or Lowe’s near me had it). You can definitely order bamboo online, but I found OSH to be much cheaper, […]

  • bamboo bike Part 1: Frame-building Jig

    bamboo bike Part 1: Frame-building Jig

    Almost 9 months ago I built a frame jig for a bamboo bike. Between work and life, I didn’t actually finish the bike until Thansgiving, and I’m only getting around to blogging about it now. Here’s the finished bike: I’ve wanted to build a bamboo bike for a long time. More than a year ago, […]

  • pF: hub motor epoxying magnets, machining can

    To machine the parts of the motor can I first made a lathe jig. This will help fixture individual parts and eventually help  with the machining of the assembled can. I started with a round plate and a 1″ DIA boss to grip in a lathe collet. I machined a square pattern into both to […]