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  • Laser-cut Snap-lock Assembly

    Laser-cut Snap-lock Assembly

    Here’s a small project featuring what I think is a really nifty snap-lock design for laser cut assemblies. I used it when making dorky headgear for Bay Area Maker Faire 2019. I definitely didn’t come up with this snap-lock mechanism myself. In fact I saw it years ago on the Machines That MakeĀ (MtM) project from […]

  • Fatigue: a study of flexures in a scooter

    Fatigue: a study of flexures in a scooter

    Introducing, Fatigue, my preemptively-named flexure-based scooter. You can see how a flexure is perfect for the rear brake, which has quite limited travel. Luckily, it also doesn’t see to many extreme forces. It is made from polycarbonate, about 0.1″ thick. The pivot for the front fork however, needs to achieve relatively high deflection (to improve […]