Honda Element Camper – Desk/Shelf

A couple weeks ago, I posted about my completed Honda Element micro-camper setup. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback (thank you!) and requests for plans.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been slowly digitizing, and so here are the plans for the shelf that I made.

form-fitting shelf unit

Honda Element Shelf AmyMakesStuff – full size print v1

this is a screenshot of the CAD model of that same shelf
this is a screenshot showing just the funny-shaped plywood pieces

The link below is to a PDF assembly drawing of the fully assembled shelf. It has some key assembly dimensions, as well as some assembly notes.

honda element shelf AmyMakesStuff Drawing v2

The link below is for a STEP file, which includes a 3D CAD model for the entire shelf assembly. I like using Fusion360 as my CAD software, but STEP should be compatible with a lot of CAD packages out there.

honda element shelf AmyMakesStuff v2.step

The link below is for individual DXF files for each of the funny-shaped plywood pieces. If you have access to a laser cutter, that is an ideal way to cut cardboard templates, or etch the plywood directly with cut lines, or even cut the plywood itself (if you have access to a laser like that, good job, you are doing well!).

Honda Element Shelf AmyMakesStuff – DXFs

And finally, this last link is the giant full scale printable template of all 5 funny-shaped pieces. I recommend using Acrobat Reader (which is free to download). When you go to print, there is an option for “Poster” under “Paper Sizing & Handling”. This will tile 8.5″x11″ sheets over this giant drawing. After you print out all the pages, you’ll have to piece the individual sheets together to form the actual template.

Honda Element Shelf AmyMakesStuff – full size print v1

If you do end up building this, or tweaking the plans to your own needs, please let me know. I would love to see what you come up with!

I also made a quick video with more detailed explanations for design and construction. GOOD LUCK!





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  1. […] Free plans for download include: — assembly drawing w/ notes on assemblies and some key dimensions — 3D STEP file — 2D DXF files — 2D PDF 1:1 that you can print out Honda Element Camper – Desk/Shelf […]

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  3. Diane Denby Avatar
    Diane Denby

    Thanks, good ideas!

  4. Emma Avatar

    this is very generous of you. Nice work, and many thanks.

  5. Anna Avatar

    Hey Amy, would you be interest in building a Camper bed for Chevy Colorado truck? I could paid you of course.

    1. aqian Avatar

      Hi Anna, that’s not the kind of work I’m interested in pursuing at this time. Happy to field questions though if you go the DIY route. thanks!

  6. Mike Avatar

    This is very well thought out, you did a great job here… I would suggest gluing a strip of felt against any edge that will be up against the plastic interior of the E. to prevent scoring them.

    1. aqian Avatar

      That’s a great idea!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. John Churchill Avatar
    John Churchill

    Hi Amy- Came across your website looking for camper conversion for my new Element. Lots of cool stuff here, even cooler that this handiwork and creativity coming from a woman. You are badass.

  8. Art Avatar

    I just have three questions, before I build the bed and shelf unit for my Element.

    1. What year is your Element?
    2. How tall are you? Or maybe a better question would be, I’m 5′ 8″, will I fit on the bed?

    Thank you for putting your plans out there, I’m pretty jazzed about setting up my Element🙂

    1. aqian Avatar

      Hi Art!

      1. 2004
      2. I am 5’7″. My partner is 6′. Both our feet stick off past the end of the bed (his way more). We usually put whatever extra stuff we have in the car under our feet, but truthfully, it doesn’t bother me that much to have my feet hanging out in space. So that may just be up to preference.

      Best of luck on your build!!! Let me know if you have any other questions. Would love to see photos if you happen to share on instagram (I’m @amyismakingstuff).

  9. Charles Evans Avatar
    Charles Evans

    I have a 09 Element do u think the design will be the same?

    1. aqian Avatar

      I think it will either be exactly the same or very very similar. I seem to recall someone with a 2012 completing the build without issue. If you do it, I would appreciate if you would report back how it went! It helps others who are also considering 🙂

  10. […] Free plans for download include: – assembly drawing w/ notes on assemblies and some key dimensions – 3D STEP file – 2D DXF files – 2D PDF 1:1 that you can print out Honda Element Camper – Desk/Shelf […]

  11. Hank Avatar

    Hey! Looks great! Can I ask what type of material you used and thickness? Thanks!

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