bandsaw revival

Revival might be overselling my effort here. Just imagine a lot of wire brushing, steel wool, and shop vacuuming and you will have the right idea. Also, I made blade guards!

this is how it came home with me, good ole Honda Element

Both the left and right blade guards were missing. I started by working out the shape for the right blade guard using some junk mail before transferring the pattern to some aluminum sheet metal. Steel is probably ideal here, but just not what I had on hand. Aluminum should be good enough.

cardboard blade guard template
I drilled a bunch of holes on the bend lines to help the bending a bit, worked ok
guard installed

The original left guard bridged a mounting post on the top and bottom for the wheel covers. I didn’t have a long enough piece of sheet metal, so I decided to go with wood.

where the eye bolt screws in there is a little lip that hangs onto the edge of the frame
really simple mounting method

The elastic mount certainly isn’t as secure as something bolted to the frame, but I feel good about how well it stands up to accidental bumps.

both guards together

Finally, this is one of my favorite bandsaw additions: cut the head off an old toothbrush and zip tie it so that it lightly brushes over the wheel. I’m not great about running vacuum when I cut, so this is a great lazy alternative to keeping the drive wheel clean.

toothbrush hack







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