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  • making a guitar fretboard

    making a guitar fretboard

    My first homemade guitar had three main objectives: learn how to make a fretboard, learn how to install a truss rod, finish as soon as possible. So this post is about that first goal. I found a scrap of cocobolo at my local wood store just thick enough to be the fretboard and long enough […]

  • homemade plug cutter

    homemade plug cutter

    I wanted a plug cutter to cut wooden plugs for fret markers for a guitar I am working on. I with an old bolt. To form the ‘flute’ of the cutter where the chips clear out, I made an angled clamp block. I just eyeballed the angle I wanted and drilled a hole in a […]

  • bandsaw revival

    bandsaw revival

    Revival might be overselling my effort here. Just imagine a lot of wire brushing, steel wool, and shop vacuuming and you will have the right idea. Also, I made blade guards! Both the left and right blade guards were missing. I started by working out the shape for the right blade guard using some junk […]

  • travel ukulele upgrade

    travel ukulele upgrade

    This is a long overdue (as usual) update to the travel ukulele I made a year and a half ago. I was finding that the mandrel that the strings wrapped around before heading to the tuners was creating way too much friction to actually let the strings tune properly. I was having to turn the […]

  • gourd ukulele

    gourd ukulele

    If you thought my other ukulele blog post was long, take a deep breath before reading through this one. Also, this one is super delayed. I finished this project early March of 2016… Around Thanksgiving (the one in 2015…) a friend of mine gave me a gourd as a gag gift. Of course, everyone thought I […]

  • cruiser skateboard

    cruiser skateboard

    In the past few months, I have been trying to learn how to skateboard by borrowing a friend’s skateboard. Recently he gave me a beautiful set of trucks, so I thought I better make a skateboard then. My roommate had previously ordered a bunch of veneer for a project she never got around to, so […]

  • fixing a DeWalt DW375 planer

    fixing a DeWalt DW375 planer

    I’ve been dying to get a planer for a while now, and recently was lucky enough to acquire this one off Craigslist. It needed a little work to get going though. The main problem was that it was jammed so that turning the hand crank with any reasonable amount of force wouldn’t actually raise or […]

  • llama bottle opener

    llama bottle opener

    Llamas and open bottles! What’s not to love? These were made as a pretty last minute secret santa project, only getting around to blogging about it now… I used walnut for this project, too. I started by sketching out a shape that could plausibly be considered a llama on some card stock junk mail. Then […]

  • travel ukulele

    travel ukulele

    This (more) travel-sized ukulele project has been tremendously satisfying! The woodworking part filled me with unbounded joy, and hopefully the music part will be fun, too. The main ‘feature’ of this ukulele is that the tuning pegs (I chose geared ones since they are easier to tune, and I will need all the help I can […]

  • ripstop trifold wallet

    ripstop trifold wallet

    My orange ripstop wallet has served me well for two years. However, the elastic was getting too worn out. So I decided it was time to try a new design, this time using velcro instead of elastic. I guess time will tell how this new one holds up The new wallet started out almost identically […]